SSC Wind and EMS Maritime Offshore GmbH are the owner of the shipping company “WINDEA CTV one GmbH & Co.KG”. Together with the involvement of Van Laar Beheer BV from IJmuiden in the Netherlands the have extended their offshore fleet with three more ships. The three modern Crew Transfer Vessel of the type DAMEN and a SWATH wind farm tender operate under German flag and ensure the transportation of qualified personnel as well as the supply of materials.

Technical details of WINDEA one, two & three
DAMEN Twin Axe Bow FCS 2610:

  • Length 26 m
  • Width 10 m
  • Max. speed 25 kn
  • 12 passengers (WINDEA three: 24 service technicians)
  • 90 m² deck surface
  • Crane 2.2 t

Technical details of WINDEA five
A&R SWATH wind farm tender:

  • Length 26.4 m
  • Width 13 m
  • Max. speed 18 kn
  • 12 passengers
  • Max. draught 2.7 m

For requests relating to the ships, please contact Windea Offshore GmbH & Co. KG.