Merry Christmas!

18.12.2014 I SSC supports charity organizations by donating 22.000 €

A good year deserves a good end. For this year, instead of giving out Christmas presents, we decided to support charity organizations with a donation of 22.000 €. For each Christmas card we donated 35 € to “Médicins sans Frontières”, a worldwide humanitarian-aid organization for medical assistance in war or conflict afflicted regions. In addition, another 15 € per card was donated to “Kinderhospiz Löwenherz” (children hospice “Lionheart”).

Managing Director René Psarski personally handed over the donation of 6.600 € to Edda Oltmann of Kinderhospiz Löwenherz (children hospice lionheart). It was a very familiar atmosphere as René was accompanied by his son and his wife. The family got a very emotional impression of the valuable work of the children hospice.

Cheque-handover at the office of “Médecins Sans Frontières”: Dr. Maya Fehling, Medical Quality Adviser was delighted to receive the generous donation of 15.400 Euro and introduced to SSC Managing Director Hinrich Eden, the rage of voluntary commitment which the organization is offering throughout the entire world. Beside the medical aid operations they also take care of clean drinking water, food, accommodations and supporting measures

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