Successful commissioning of the Wind Farm Control Unit Grid Agent


Last month in December 2016 SSC has installed a higher wind farm control unit – Grid Agent – in a wind farm about 50 km south of Berlin.

The complexity of the communication setup has made this project exceptional. As in a “standard project” all physical interfaces of the network subscribers (control technology of the network operator, park computer of the individual wind turbine manufacturer, DSL-connection) are bundled at one point in this project all interfaces were allocated throughout the wind farm.

To build up the connection distance various technics had to be used and linked. The Data-connection from the network operator to the different park computer (Enercon and Bonus) had to be realized over existing DSL connections by internet, further over a LWL connection by an extra built-in media converter and finally with a specifically configured wireless connection. Therefore we had to install wireless antennas at one wind turbine tower as well as on an own assembled mast of a transmission station.

This, the building and assembling of three switch boards for components has been realized in the wind farm. Beside the planning of the connection setup and the procurement of the components a close cooperation with the respective network subscribers has led to the successful commissioning of the park controller.

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