In our engineering division, electrical engineers are concerned with the instrumentation and maintenance of metrological, control and electronical technology while mechanical engineers design 3D models and produce mechanical components.

Using our international experience, we plan projects such as upgrades and equipment of offshore met masts or wind turbine foundations and perform all activities necessary for the subsequent construction and commissioning, including the documentation. Due to our long-standing cooperation with energy companies and offshore operators, we deliver professional performance in offshore operations of any kind.

As part of the approval process for offshore wind farms, we create identification and implementation concepts. We have already created more than 20 concepts for more than 10 well-known energy suppliers and offshore wind farm operators.

An Excerpt of our Service Spectrum:

  • Evaluation of concepts such as marking and implementation plans for offshore wind farms and maritime monitoring concepts
  • Installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair of metrological, control and electronical instrumentation
  • Planning and implementation of complex data transmission systems and subsea sensors
  • Planning and production of complex electrical systems such as circuit diagram development and switching cabinet construction
  • Development, design and installation of mechanical components
  • Cable termination of offshore medium-voltage cables
  • Condition monitoring of offshore supporting structures
  • Dimensioning, planning & implementation of autonomous power supply systems