Would you like to continue using your existing site while achieving a higher energy output of your wind farm? Our Repowering division will support you with customized solution concepts for your wind farm and offers you a wide range of services from dismantling and reassembly to raw material composition concepts.

From the proper decommissioning of the wind turbines, dismantling of the wind turbine, loading of components, crane services, installation at the new location to reconditioning of the old wind turbines: We offer extensive services along with consultancy!


  • Professional decommissioning of wind turbines
  • Separation of the medium-voltage supply from the mains and the transformer station or wind turbines
  • Dismantling of wind turbines
  • Loading of components
  • Site management
  • Installation at the new location
  • Reconditioning of old wind turbines

Crane Services:

  • Determination of the suitability of crane sites
  • Selection of the best suited crane company
  • Selection of the crane based on economic aspects
  • Coordination with the crane company before, during and after dismantling

Transport and Logistics:

  • Selection of the logistics company
  • Transport of the dismantled wind turbines to the new location with the required permits and escort vehicles
  • Loadmaster
  • Cargo securing