Rotor Blade Service – to keep things turning smoothly

In order to be able to offer complete services for wind turbines, SSC Wind has now also added rotor blade service to its portfolio.

Rotor blades are exposed to the most varied loads and weather conditions every day. Defects on the rotor blades can affect the yield of the wind turbine and lead to consequential damage. So regular inspections and maintenance of the rotor blades must be carried out in order to prevent damage and downtimes.

SSC Wind GmbH uses twelve large self-hoisting platforms for the repair of rotor blades.

An overview of our onshore and offshore services:

Rotor blade inspection

  • Inspection and evaluation of rotor blades outside and inside
    • After commissioning
    • Before expiry of the warranty
    • As a recurring or condition-oriented examination
  • Reporting including photo documentation

Rotor blade full maintenance

  • Full maintenance concept for existing wind turbines

Rotor blade repair

  • Repair and maintenance of all rotor blade types
  • Checking and cleaning of tip mechanism
  • Attachment and repair of erosion control systems
  • Replacement and repair of flow elements

Lightning protection testing

  • Lightning protection measurement
  • Repair of lightning protection systems

Other work on rotor blades and towers

  • Rotor blade cleaning on the outside and inside
  • Tower cleaning outside and inside
  • Corrosion protection work on towers