SSC Wind GmbH offers its customers a complete and professional planning and implementation of wind energy projects. We plan and coordinate both the heavy goods transport and crane service as well as the installation. From single locations to large wind farms in Germany and Europe, we provide you with our expertise at your disposal.

Our support for you starts in the early distribution phase, in order to define the optimal routes inside and outside wind farms. We also advise when it comes to the alignment of individual sites keeping the costs of installation as low as possible.

An Overview of our Services:

  • Advice in the distribution phase
  • Route check "from the place of loading to the wind farm"
  • Support in planning of storage areas
  • Maintenance of the components in case of long-term storage
  • Documentation of upgrade or alterations in the routing
  • Planning and documentation of work within the project
  • Logistics for heavy goods and cranes
  • Project and site management
  • Mechanical and electrical services
  • Installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning